(This information is still mostly based on the previous edition: VPJD2018.
We will update as soon as new information will be available to us.)

Rehearsal Tutti

90 singers, three groups

The approximately 90 participants will be divided into three groups. Each group (choir A, choir B and choir C) will work with all three conductors during the week. Besides these group rehearsals, participants will also sing in combined sessions (tutti/the big choir), also working with all three conductors.

We do expect all participants to prepare the music in advance. Practice files (mp3's and pdf's of the sheetmusic) will be provided as soon as we can deliver them. If everyone prepares, we can start to make real music much sooner!

Selection choir

Extra ambitious singers can audition for the Selection choir, which will consist of 12-15 singers. The Selection choir will study songs that are extra challenging.

Auditions for the selection choir will be held before the start of the week, through video audition. Click here for the audiition procedure.

When candidates are considered equally capable, preference will be given to auditioners that have not been in the Selection choir before.

Rehearsals for the Selection choir will be at the same time as rehearsals for the big choir, so if you're in the Selection choir you can't be in the big choir!
Selection Choir 2018

New singers, and old

Usually, between half and two-thirds of all participants have participated before.
So if you are new to the Vocal Pop and Jazz Days, you will definitely not be the only new face in the crowd!
And if you have participated before, there will be lots of old friends to meet again!

Workshops & Labs

During the week several workshops will be offered. 

We also plan once again a series of 'theory' lessons in the form of labs, with an emphasis on the learning by doing.
There will be a different subject every day, and each subject will be tackled on different levels. You can choose your own level for each subject.

Lab arranging

Hymn of Acxiom

Final presentation

The official part of the Vocal Pop and Jazz Days will be concluded with a presentation in the afternoon of Friday August 14th 2020

This presentation is open to the public. 

On the evening after that, we will celebrate the unofficial end of the Vocal Pop and Jazz Days with an open stage for all participants. Everyone who has an act or song or poem or (silly) dance they want to show to the group, can do so.
The open stage is for participants only, and not open to the public.

Start and end

The program is slated to start on Sunday August 9th 2020 with arrival and coffee from 9.30, an introduction at 11:30, lunch at 12.00 and the first rehearsal will start at 13:00. 

It is practical to reserve half an hour for check in and settling in your room, so we advise you to arrive at 11:00 at the latest. If your travel-time makes this impractical, you can send an e-mail to to book an extra night.

The program ends after breakfast on Saturday August 15th 2020.

Warming up

A day in the life...

To get to know the Vocal Pop & Jazz Days, here's "a day in the life...". 
Of course every new edition we make some changes (hopefully we improve...), but roughly we do it this way:

  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 9.00 Warming up and announcements
  • 9.30 Group rehearsal
  • 10.30 Coffee break
  • 10.45 Group rehearsal
  • 11.45 Labs
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.30 Group rehearsal
  • 15.45 Coffee break
  • 16.15 Big choir & Selection choir
  • 17.30 Free time
  • 18.00 Dinner
  • 19.30 Big choir & Selection choir
  • 21.00 Bar-time
On Wednesday we have an afternoon off.

So, what will the VPJD cost me?

As far as we can see now, the participation fee for the VPJD 2020 will be €795,- per person (€545,- for students under 30, for a maximum of 4 students).

The standard fee is on the basis of sharing a double room. 
A supplementary fee of €100,- will be charged for a single room (if available). 

You'll get an invoice only when you're selected as a participant.
Your enrolment will be final after payment of the total fee.

The fee includes:

  • All workshops
  • Selection choir (when you pass the audition)
  • All sheet-music for the choirs you sing in. For songs published on paper, you will receive the original booklet.
    For the other songs, you will receive a link to a pdf, which you can print yourself.
  • Full board and lodging
Only the drinking in the bar at night is not included. 

Terms & Conditions VPJD2018

These terms and conditions are published in pdf-format. 
Use a pdf-reader (e.g.  adobe reader) to open these documents. 

 english version  

 dutch version