Enrollment for VPJD 2024 has opened Saturday 7th October 2023.

The dates for VPJD 2024 are:
Sunday 11th August - Saturday 17th  August 2024
Once again in
Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

And our masters for 2024 will be:
So, join us for this very jazzy edition!

Introducing our guest master Greg Jasperse

Clare Wheeler says 'Hi!

Greg Jasperse

The Vocal Pop & Jazz Days

The Vocal Pop and Jazz Days are a week of singing vocal pop and jazz, held every other year in Soesterberg, the Netherlands.
We offer three great conductors, that can vary over the years. See our History-pages to see who have been there before...

The Vocal Pop and Jazz Days were last held in August 2022,
once again in Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands.

It was a jam-packed and glorious week again, that ended with a public presentation and a private party.

And we currently plan/hope that the next edition will be 11th - 17th August 2024.

So, if you're looking for
  • A highly educational music experience
  • A week of singing vocal pop and jazz repertoire
  • Renowned conductors
  • Workshops for both conductors and singers
  • Great food
  • Lots of fun!
  • A meeting with old and new friends...
Why not join us for the next edition of the Vocal Pop & Jazz Days in 2024?


Deke Sharon: Guest conductor 2022 'VPJD is beyond a wonderful fantasy vocal harmony camp for adults, it’s a family, where people from around the world come together for a week of friendship, laughter, and great music.
It is without hesitation that I can most confidently recommend VPJD for anyone who wants to explore vocal music and get to know the “Vocal Family”. '

Deke Sharon
Guest conductor 2022
'VPJD is a unique and shining example of the beauty and pure joy that can arise from a large group of like-minded, kind-hearted vocal musicians coming together as a diverse community. This special week was filled with laughter, honest expressiveness and true personal growth for participants on either side of the conductor’s podium, and over time, as I cherish the memories of the experience, I know I’ll remain changed for the better. '

Kerry Marsh
Guest conductor 2018

Jim Daus Hjernøe: Guest conductor 2016 'VPJD is like nowhere else in Europe. The international vocal event attracts singers from many countries and offer you a 7 days experience of singing and performing together on a very high artistic level. I enjoyed very much taking part in VPJD and believe that this event plays an active role in the development of both vocal and choral music.
It is without hesitation that I can most confidently recommend VPJD for anyone who wants to explore vocal music and get to know the “Vocal Family”. '

Jim Daus Hjernøe
Guest conductor 2016
'Everyone must do the VPJD AT LEAST once in their lifetime!! It is an enriched week of music that has no comparison! There is both challenge and enjoyment for anyone at any age and ability involved in group singing. You truly get to witness the learning curve of magical music making in 7 days..........the attention to detail is magnificent, and the result astounding! An intense week of hard-working FUN! One of the best events for human artistic bonding and sharing!! '

Kim Nazarian/New York Voices
Guest conductor 2014

Anders Edenroth: Guest conductor 2012 I really enjoyed taking part in The Vocal Pop & Jazz Days 2012. It is an intense musical experience with rehearsals and concerts on a very high level. Both the participants and conductors are truly enthusiastic in their music making. I also appreciated the social life of VPJD where I got to meet people from many different nations and varied ages. Everyone taking part in all the nice activities during their spare time.
I'd be happy to return.

Anders Edenroth
Guest conductor 2012
'It's been such a joy to be here. These singers have hearts like lions
It's been a rigorous, busy, music-filled, fun-filled, love-filled joy-fest for everyone.
When people come together for a common goal, and work hard and achieve that goal, particularly in choral music, it's very inspiring to me personally.
You can see the end performance of this week as a metafor how the world could be, if we all sang in a choir
I will never forget this week that I spent here. '

Kirby Shaw
Guest conductor 2010